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School of Micronutrition began back in 2018 with our first course, Diploma in Micronutrution Coach, as a forerunner in accessible education. Nutrition, micronutrients, diet, and healthy eating have become minefields of misinformation and our founder Angela began a mission to redefine how the world approaches their health. Working closely with industry experts and the latest evidence-based nutritional science, International School of Micronutrition was born.

Since then, we have empowered hundreds of students from different countries including the UK, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, the USA, Israel, to take control of their health, transform their relationship with food and their bodies, and guide and inspire others to do the same. With the rapid expansion of the wellness industry and the subsequent collective desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, our graduates began to create brand new careers based on the micronutrition and nutrition expertise they gained throughout the course.
We share our knowledge to empower people to transform their lives for the better
welcomes and actively seeks partnerships with other training, certification, and academic programs.
International School of MicroNutrition
Our certification courses are interactive, customised and you will have 24/7 access to our Learner Services portal throughout the duration of the course you have enrolled for.
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I've worked in the health and coaching world for more than 12 years.
What all of this comes down to really is that it is my true passion to provide real, down to Earth, practical advice for people who want to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle. Teaching is my passion. Whether it is one to one, a live class or event, in one of my online programmes.

Teaching people about this fascinating and sometimes confusing subject is my greatest love and strength.
Angela Simak
Founder & Research Director
International School of MicroNutrition
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